I can’t make new memories since

Ashleigh’s first intentionally autobiographical piece, I can’t make new memories since considers a lack of memory control and questions around how we might be understood beyond our own bodies.

Dewey decimal system

This piece is a consideration of a lifespan through objects. Ashleigh created this piece aged 24, an age that marked her as outliving her mother’s sister by one year. On 27th September 1993 Caroline died aged 23 of an asthma attack. Ashleigh was 3, and witnessed this event, something she is convinced is her first memory. From this date the objects that remained of Caroline’s life have been cherished as if able to provide access to her breath, her voice, her touch. As afraid of death as she is life, Ashleigh has always placed importance on all objects, and by doing so has rendered most of them meaningless. Trapped by this inability to let go, and remain without materials, Ashleigh now tries to question if she can be recognised as a human among these objects.

Spray text

Filled with gaps, clutter, organisation, mistake and misdirection this piece explores Ashleigh’s impossible race towards nothing, the memorialisation of a life not fully understood.

Text and pile


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